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"Not all those who
wander are lost."
- J. R. R. Tolkien

If you are in need of a DISTANCE  ENERGY HEALING, Please use the Paypal button. I will send the energy healing within 24hrs. 

( Please Note: Include in email details of the healing you need, including areas of concentration or whole body. ) I will email with questions prior and instructions for during this remote healing process..  Blessings 

~~ Kaleigh 

                                          I AM an Energy Healer with a combination of Reiki, Kundalini, AKA DUA, Quantum, and Shamanic Energy healing. I am a Reiki Master , Kundalini Master and certified Energy Healer as of  2017, although, this is a gift I have been given since I can remember. I have the ability to "push out" healing energy from my hands and specifically my finger tips. I know this sounds confusing but it is, what it is. ❤️ When I first realized I had this gift, I was around 8 years old. I was very sensitive to "electrical currents" in walls , and just touching the end of my head phone jack would "zap me" just from dry fingers touching it.  Fast forward to having my first child in 2004, I was a stay at home mom at the time and felt so blessed and in love with my  daughter as most mommas are.

                                 When Presley was 2 months old, she had a fever and was not feeling well. I remember just "knowing " I could heal her. I know, it sounds strange. I closed my eyes and hovered my hands over my tiny baby. I repeated in my mind what I was doing , the healing and what was going to happen. (The virus leaving her body). I pictured this at the same time. What felt like tiny needles pricked my finger tips and energy started flowing out of them towards her. It was amazing. Her fever was gone within 20 minutes. You never would know she was sick.

                              As I said, I didn't understand how I knew at the time what to do, although now I know that it was my spirit guides communicating with me and helping me learn to heal. I have continued this not only with the energy in my hands but with the use of crystals as well. Crystals are an aid to energy healing but you must do most of the work on your own. The energy healing  can be very powerful. I can do them in person or I can do them remotely across the states/country without you even having to leave your home.  I'm not claiming to be a miracle worker, there is no such person, although I do want to be able to use my gifts to help people. I help teach people to heal themselves. It was after this I chose to get my proper training and certification in Reiki. 

                                I will send an email with instructions for you to send me a current picture of  yourself or friend for distance healings , which is not needed for an in person healing. It is common for me to come to your business, hospitals, hospice and more.

      I remove and restore  energy for emotional healing, physical healing, migraines, back pain, liver, kidneys, heart issues, pregnancy etc. Sometimes we do end up in the situation with an incurable disease. The purpose here is not to cure an incurable disease or tumor, but sometimes simply to relieve pain, and make you feel more comfortable and at peace. Of course everything is kept 100% confidential.  


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